Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saras 008

Indonesia's comic formula has been found. That is why, when the children's TV series SARAS 008 is shown on TV at prime time, comics and reading books with the same theme and story also sell well. SARAS 008 is locally made. It isn't based on a historic epic, but is a visionary epic story, set far in the future. SARAS 008 can shoot laser beams from her eyes to destroy her enemies. Like her motto, SARAS 008 is "the heroine of righteousness, defender of truth, friend of all who love peace". Nowadays in Indonesia, SARAS 008 is the children's idol. This character is very real to children, not abstract. Again, the closeness factor becomes the key to success for a children's movie. It is maintained in the SARAS 008 comic, aside from drawings and motions which still "mimic" the Japanese comic style-already popular among Indonesian children.

Mr. Blek
Bil & Bul


Anonymous said...

Saras kamu kamu kamu di hatiku (ST12)hahaha LOL. saras is the worst superhero ever. watch the movie. the villains are totally crazy, i'm sure that i'll be okay if i am attacked by them, they're totally weak guys.
Do you all remember astral? He's the man who always help saras, but unfortunately he always use that metallic thing coated his body, so we'll never know how is his face.... Poor Guy

Anonymous said...

Anyone that have got that SARAS 008, can anyone send me the movie, I'd love to re-wtch it!

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